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So my two cents on the new revealed Fatal Frame V characters and about their possible roles especially since two of them have familiar surnames:

The girl with the ruffles who we saw at the beginning of the trailer luckily has a very familiar surname: Hinasaki (雛咲) and yes it is written the same way as Miku’s and Mafuyu’s surname. Her first name is Miu.
Since she heads to the mountains since her mother disappeared there is now the theory that Miku might be her mother or is somehow related to her.
It would actually make a lot of sense if they are related since the Hinasaki family has been through a lot of drama. Miyuki commited suicide, Mafuyu decided to stay at the Himuro mansion and they are related to the Kurosawa family from Minakami via Yae.
If Miku is her missed mother it would kinda be like killing off a veteran since she survived the first and third game.
However Asou Kunihiko was a veteran with the camera as well and had no problems while staying at Rougetsu island or when he became involved with people from the Kuze shrine (since he knew Reika’s boyfriend Kaname). Asou died in the Himuro mansion thus it is sadly possible that this time they decided to kill Miku.
However since the year in which this game takes place has to be revealed anything is possible even that the surname is a coincidence.
Miu’s role is definitely going to be important though since she is on the cover along with Yuuri. I think she is going to be like Miku in Shisei no Koe and Misaki in Tsukihami no Kamen as the second most important character in the game.

Another new character is Hisoka Kurosawa (黒澤密花), owner of the shop where Yuuri works, who also searches for lost things and ended up in the mountains.
Her surname is written the same way as Rei Kurosawa’s thus it might be possible that they are related especially since a Hinasaki also appears in this game and since Rei and Miku were best friends.
She definitely can’t be related to the Kurosawa family from Minakami though since their family died with Yae.

Ren Hojo (放生蓮) is the dude of this game and he certainly reminds me of Kei due to being an author and since he researches a lot similar to Kei. Choushiro from Tsukihami no Kamen might have possibly influenced him as well. I wonder if he will get a special ability like Kei’s hiding or a rather strong weapon like Choushiro.
However I don’t think that his chances to survive are high since the amount of men surviving Fatal Frame is really really low (only Kei surived since the second ending of Shisei no Koe is the canon one) xD.

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Today marks the 7th anniversary of the dedication of Gerhard Richter’s “Cathedral Window” in Cologne, comprised of 11,500 squares of glass in 72 colors.

(Source: saatchiart.com)

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